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(Green) Thumbs Up for Front Yard Gardening

Wendy Weiner, the Front Yard Farmer

Maintaining a garden can be easy and fruitful, or it can leave you wondering what went wrong. Front Yard Gardener Wendy Weiner of Little Silver is the expert to call when you need some pointers with the garden in your life. “Work with nature. Don’t fight it,” are words of wisdom that Wendy bestowed to one frustrated owner whose tree roots were hampering any hope for a decent harvest. An easy solution to this is using planting containers versus a full-fledged garden. Noting the success of some perennial plants, Wendy recommends going with plants such as asparagus and Jerusalem artichoke.

There are few in the area that do what Wendy does. The Front Yard Farmer designs, builds, plants, and nurtures organic vegetable gardens. “Growing vegetables in your own home garden is an incredibly rewarding experience, not least of all because it provides you with fresh, homegrown food,” notes Weiner.

After an initial consultation, Wendy will help you grow your garden. You’ll receive guidance and instruction in all matters of gardening – from the planting itself to insect control to irrigation.

Wendy shows how to gather and use rain water for a garden.

If you’re embarking on a new garden, the Front Yard Farmer recommends taking a few steps before she arrives for her initial consultation. Check to ensure that your garden area receives six hours of sunlight a day. Also, make sure you have a reliable water source nearby, and think about the best place for a compost pile, if one is not already in place.

A great example of Front Yard Gardener’s work can be seen at the Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, a community restaurant project of the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation.

For more about Front Yard Farming how to get started or restarted with your own home garden, visit


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