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Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Guess whose wheels just rolled into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum this summer? None other than Bruce Springsteen's! His ’69 Chevy with a 396, Fuelie headers and a Hurst on the floor, represents one of the most iconic car lyrics in music history.

Bruce's old Chevy Chevelle is not racing in the streets these days since it is on loan to the Rock Hall from Toby Scott. In 1988, Springsteen gifted the Chevelle to Scott, a sound engineer who worked on 18 of Springsteen albums, including Darkness On The Edge of Town, Born in the U.S.A. and Tunnel of Love.

If you make your way to Cleveland Ohio, you can see the '69 Chevy at The Rock Hall. The museum is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition to Bruce's car, the Rock Hall has recently opened up new exhibits, including the 2020 Inductee Exhibit honoring this year’s class (Depeche Mode, The Doobie Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Notorious B.I.G., T.Rex, Whitney Houston, and Ahmet Ertegun honorees Irving Azoff and Jon Landau) and “It’s Been Said All Along: Voices of Rage, Hope & Empowerment” spotlighting how artists throughout generations, from Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke and James Brown to Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine and Miles Mosley, have used music as a platform for social justice.

Our latest ride

Back here down on Earth, we had the choice opportunity to get behind the wheel of a new car. Today's car du jour is a 2020 Ford Fusion.

See, when you get your car serviced at the dealership where you bought it, you get a loaner while ol' bessy is getting the works done. At least that's the case when you get a car at Seabreeze Ford in Belmar, NJ.

The Ford Fusion is a sleek, 4-door sedan. It's a smooth ride with a cush interior. This model has a black exterior and interior, with silver trim and soft leathery seats.

It's a nice ride and rear camera display is exceptionally crisp. The touch screen for the radio, navigation, climate control, etc. was also very responsive.

The MPG of the Ford Fusion, unfortunately is disappointing. It only gets 23 MPG in the city and 34 on the highway. That means more trips to the gas station when it should be less.

The Fusion does feature an auto stop-start engine, which has been reported to help with fuel economy and reducing idle emissions. That's a plus.

The Europeans have us beat though. The Fusion's counterpart across the pond is the Ford Mondeo, which gets 40+ MPG. [Sigh.]

End of an Era

It appears that now is a good time to get the Ford Fusion because the last ones left the assembly line in Mexico on July 31, 2020. That's it. No more.

The Fusion also marks the end of an era for Ford. The car manufacturer will no longer produce sedans — for America, that is. (Elsewhere, it will.)

We weep.

It's weep-worthy because the sedan is making a comeback. Smaller, more agile and efficient, these cars are appealing to households that don't require a small tank to run errands.

Sedans are getting their groove back and we are excited for it... because they are fun to drive!

Until next time, peace!


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